Doing Density Right


St. John's is changing - growing and, quite likely, getting more dense. What will that mean for the city? What demand is there for new ways of living and working? Over the next few weeks, people are going to talk about it. In partnership with the St. John's Board of Trade and the Canadian Homebuilders Association NL, Happy City St. John's is launching a conversation between citizens and  the private sector about how to do density right.

First, we'd like to hear from you!

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Happy City Hour: A Pub(lic Transit) Night!

Join some of your fellow Happy Citizens at Bitters Pub (the MUN Grad Pub - here's a map) for drinks and conversation this Thursday (November 20th) from 5-7 PM.

There's always lots of room for ideas, but we do like to pick a topic - this week we'll be talking about public transit in St. John's. What works, what doesn't, what little tweaks or big changes could make it better?

That sounds like a topic to hash out over drinks and snacks. See you there!


@ryangtweets ...will have to be reviewed with all of the other items when the 2016 budget is created. Spoke a lot about "budget integrity."

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