The Municipal Plan Revue!



A Revue to Review
At 8pm on Thursday, October 9th, at Eastern Edge Gallery, Happy City and Words in Edgewise will bring politics to life with the help of talented improv artists from St. John's. Come and be engaged with skits, games, and entertaining activities focused around envisioning St. John's! Admission is free, and there will be snacks!


Envision St. John's
In July 2014, the City of St. John's released their new municipal plan, to be put in place next year after gleaning public input...

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Candidates for the 2014/15 Board of Directors

Hello Happy Citizens!

In preparation for our Annual General Meeting tomorrow, (6 PM at Key Assets, 120 LeMarchant Road) here's a rundown on who is running! We have a total of 11 seats on our board. To keep continuity, our board terms are two years long and elections are staggered so that we elect half the board at any one time.  That's the theory, at least J In reality, we do lose people when they move away from time to time, which can throw our nice neat schedule off.

That said, this year, we're pretty close!  Of the board members...

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Very cool (free) lecture from some Quebec architects, tonight at the Hall!

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