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Nolli Map of Rome

Happy City's Built Environment Committee has launched a community mapping initiative. Our first project is a map of the city's public spaces, defined broadly as any place, indoor or outdoor, you can sit, study, work, hang out, or generally loiter for $5 or less. Yes - that includes your neighbourhood coffee shop!

To view our living map visit:

To contribute to our map submit your favourite public spaces here: (submit as many times as you need to!)

To get involved with the Committee and help plan future...

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Access to Politics: Who gets it? Who deserves it?




Guest Blogger: Amanda Bittner


Happy City St John's invites experts and concerned citizens to give their views on key issues to encourage further dialogue. These views are not necessarily those of Happy City itself or of its board.


There has been lots of talk lately in #nlpoli about what we as taxpayers ought to be funding and what we as taxpayers ought to be getting for our money. There appears to be near-universal agreement that snowclearing is a priority in St. John's, but I think that if we took a poll...

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