Snow Business: Survey, solutions map, and forum about sidewalk snow clearing


Happy City is organizing a set of initiatives - Snow Business -- that aim to make walkable winter sidewalks a reality in our city. The first steps will be online. At, residents will find an online survey and a snow clearing solutions map. Happy City will then be hosting the city's first ever citizen's forum on sidewalk solutions, on April 30th from 6-9 PM in the Foran Room at St. Johns' City Hall.

Happy City's vision is to transform criticism into constructive action for change. Snow Business is not just about...

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What's on the go, Downtown West?


If you haven't done it recently (and don't mind playing frogger with construction equipment), take a walk across Waldegrave and explore the west end of downtown. The place is full of of construction - and even where shovels aren't in the ground or steel in the sky, there are plans being made.

At this moment, there are two active construction sites - the much-discussed new Fortis Place at George St. West and Springdale and the less -discussed new Steele hotel going in at George St. West and  Prince St (image here - bottom...

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And that's it! Until next time, Happy Citizens!

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