Making Food a Municipal Issue


(A photo shared on social media of a Dominion store during a storm in 2015 - CBC NL.)

Remember the last time you were at the grocery store following a storm? We do, and the bananas were greener than the spinach, we were assured that the meat would be 'on the truck coming tonight', and not a chip was to be seen. On one level, this is a provincial matter, and an agricultural issue. Our province has evolved into one heavily dependent on imports and transportation. According to a 2007 report by the Newfoundland and...

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Our Healthy Avalon



Editor's Note: Happy City is rolling out new working groups that will focus on the key action areas we keep hearing about here in St. John's. More and more often you'll be hearing perspectives from these groups on our blog and social media feeds. Along with Healthy Cities, our other working group areas are Economy, Finances and Affordability, Community and Cultural Life, Built Environment, Transportation, Democratic Processes, and Winter City. Want to get involved in one? Drop us a line at


Now over to two...

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