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Editor's Note: Happy City is rolling out new working groups that will focus on the key action areas we keep hearing about here in St. John's. More and more often you'll be hearing perspectives from these groups on our blog and social media feeds. Along with Healthy Cities, our other working group areas are Economy, Finances and Affordability, Community and Cultural Life, Built Environment, Transportation, Democratic Processes, and Winter City. Want to get involved in one? Drop us a line at admin@happycity.ca


Now over to two...

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Municipal Election Summit 2017


In just over six months, communities across Newfoundland and Labrador will go to the polls. On April 1st, a day-long summit in St. John's will help equip citizens with the skills and knowledge they need to participate in municipal elections, whether as candidates, members of campaign teams, or informed voters.

Organized in partnership with Memorial University and Municipalities NL, the Summit will offer attendees a chance to learn from people who have been involved at every level of the Municipal process. Shannie Duff, Lynn Hammond, Ross Reid, Ronald Penney, Josh Taylor, and many others will...

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