Annual General Meeting - Thursday, September 18th!


Happy City St. John's will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 18th at 6 PM at Key Assets (120 LeMarchant Road). We'd love to see you there!

This meeting is a chance for you to elect a board of directors to guide Happy City through what promises to be a very exciting year, and to give us some  feedback on how we've been doing (and what we should be doing).

Every member of Happy City gets a vote, and can run for the board. Who's...

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Happy City Presents: Municipal Plan Highlights!


The City of St. Johns is midway through one of the most important things we'll see come out of city hall for many years - the new municipal plan. This is a Big Deal. The plan sets out the overall vision for how the city will grow and develop for years to come. The new plan, Envision St. John's, has a lot to say about a new vision for the city: one full of mixed-use, walkable neighbourhoods, solid transit links, and thriving green spaces.

The municipal plan is a big document...

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Talking carsharing with Jason Hammond, president of the Canadian Federation of Carshare Cooperatives

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