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Happy City Events Coordinator Job Ad (Canada Summer Jobs)




The Events Coordinator will be responsible for development and execution of Happy City's summer outreach and engagement events in St. John's. Tasks/Responsibilities will include outreach to and coordination with community partners and stakeholders, volunteer coordination, bookings and logistics, promotion through social and traditional media, set up and takedown at events, and representation of Happy City and partners to the community.


A supervisory group including Rob Nolan, Chair of the Happy City Board, and two other Board Members will regularly meet with the Coordinator to lay out plans for the week's work and check in on their progress. The student will also meet periodically with the whole board to set the broad goals of their work. A member of the board will be reachable at any time during work hours in case of an urgent matter or emergency.


Orientation to the organization, ongoing projects and resources will be provided by the supervisory group at the start of the employment period. Feedback will be provided by the supervisory group on an ongoing basis and by the Board at three dates over the summer. There will be a comprehensive wrap-up and review in the final week of the placement. The student is expected to benefit from exposure to a variety of public consultation activities and civic issues.


The Coordinator will be responsible for research related to and planning of events such as the upcoming Neighbourhood Summit, a Happy City event which will bring St. John's residents together to learn about and discuss what makes a neighbourhood, how to develop and formalize neighbourhood associations, and how to interact with municipal and provincial government at a neighbourhood level.


Note:  this position is funded by Canada Summer Jobs, and applicants must therefore be aged 15 to 30 years and pursuing full-time students with the intent to return to their studies in the next school year.


Project Locations:


St. John's - various. Happy City is a member of Common Ground, a co-working office and meeting space on Harvey Road. The Events Coordinator will work from this space as needed.



  • Developing a 2018-2019 events plan in consultation with the Happy City Board, based on research conducted, and feedback from consultation sessions;

  • Assisting with the implementation of Happy City projects including Summer outreach events, public engagement activities, and preparation for  future events such as the Neighbourhood Summit;

  • Developing a "Neighbourhood Education Plan" to help community groups organize;

  • Developing and conducting citizen feedback surveys for outreach activities;

  • Preparing short, accessible summaries, blog posts, and infographics outlining the results of events and consultations;

  • Organizing, attending and, as required, coordinating Happy City volunteers at local meetings and summer outreach events (e.g. Farmers' Market, Lantern Festival);

  • Monitoring and maintaining Happy City social media and web presence; and,

  • Liaising with other organizational partners.


Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with event planning

  • Comfort with research and surveying

  • Strong interest in local issues

  • Understanding of community development

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Punctuality and adherence to deadlines

  • Comfort with working independently



  • Strong understanding of local networks, governance, and services

  • Social media literacy (particularly brand adherence)

  • Government relations and advocacy experience

  • Experience with volunteer coordination

  • Experience with grant-writing


To Apply:

Please forward a resume and cover letter to before 5 PM on Monday, May 14th.


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